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Guest Interviews-

Fixed Fight, The Mark Gastineau, Tim “Doc” Anderson Story

Best of In Your Corner, Eight Famous Athletes Share Their Faith

Jimmie Snow talks about touring with Elvis and his father Hank Snow

90 Minutes in Heaven Author Don Piper

Lasik Surgeon to the Stars Dr. Ming Wang

Former Cruiserweight Title Challenger Adam Richards

Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar and His Son Tom

Eight Time World Champion Boxer/Kick Boxer Troy Dorsey

World Champion Power Lifter Paul Wrenn

Hall of Fame Football Player Raymond Berry

Dr. Mike Miller, Founding Member of God Tube, Pastor & Publishing Executive

Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver Chris Sanders

Hunting White Tail Deer With Former Champion Gene Hatcher

Baseball Great Al “Scoop” Oliver

Myron Golden’s Biblical Keys to Prosperity

Former NFL Football Player Freddie Scott Jr.

Death in The Boxing Ring, Chris Calvin Interview

Best Selling Author Ken Abraham

Kerry Pharr Testimony

Elvis Wade The World’s Most Successful Elvis Impersonator
Elvis Wade Jimmie Snow Vimeo from clubko on Vimeo.

Tony Dungy’s Associate Darrin Gray talks All Pro Dad
Darrin Gray Show from Bob Hartline on Vimeo.

Tommy Ring, Rat Rod Maestro Shares his Amazing Testimony

Eric Richie, Host of the Sovereign Sportsman
In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr from Bob Hartline on Vimeo.

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